Pet Hair Remover Brush Reusable Double-Side Dog Hair Lint Remover Brush Portable Magic Fur & Dust Cleaning Furniture Pet Brush

  • 499,00 kr

Reusable pet fur remover with self-cleaning base.

Double side brushes are twice as fast as one-side brushes!

Durable and quick to remove fur or lint.

It can not only be used for pets, but sofa or other things which are easy to adhere to fur!

Packing included: 1 x Fur Pet Brushers 1 x Self-cleaning Base 1 x Travel-sized Fur Brushers

Are you still annoyed about that fur from your pets are in everywhere. Is it hard to clean thoroughly? Then, you must own this fur remover and brushes!It includes a normal size and a travel size. It is perfectly for solving the fur problem!You

are no more mad about this.


Material: ABS 450 gram

Brand Name: None
Production: Lint Sticking Roller
Style: Manual
Model Number: Dust furniture pet brushes
Usage: Pets
Material: Plastic
Feature1: Pet Hair Remover
Feature2: furniture pet hair remover