KiWarm 2Pcs Electric LED Candles Flickering Flameless Candle Light With Remote Control Battery for Home Christmas Party Decor

  • 399,00 kr

Product description:

1. This product and remote control provide switch,brightness increase, brightness decrease, long brightness function, timing selection of 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours.

2. Candle light, simulated candle flame.

3. Irregular swing for the candle flame, XY axis amplitude of swing: 0.6CM or so, real flame effect.

5. Adopts the principle of promoting the motor by current,to make the flame swing,simulated flame for religion, house and so on.Not only nice, but also safe. Multiple functions such as swing, timing, remote control, remote-control timing and so on.



Name:Electric LED Candles


Light color: LED yellow light

Product Size(approx.):

Rod: diameter * height: 22mm * 22CM/0.87in * 8.66in

Candlestick: diameter * height * overall height: 6 * 6 * 26cm/2.36 * 2.36 * 10.24in

Remote control power supply:2x AA batteries



 -Used alone in your favorite indoor or outdoor candle holders.

-Can be used as a night light & make a lovely table decoration for all occasions.

-Applies to: wedding, party, bar, family, church, and so on.



-For Temples, churches and so on. Also for livening up atmosphere of party,as gifts and furniture decoration, to adjust the living environment.

-Made of high-quality raw material, no secondary recycling material, Adopts led chips made in Taiwanp, plastic,ABS, PP, PS.

-Diversified treatment for PVC raw material, personalized selection, electroplating, fuel injection, baking spray, etc are all applicable.An ordinary switch with multple functions.

-Two-key and chargeable remote control, 10-key remote control and timing.


Package Included:

2 x  LED Candles

1 x Remote control

Brand Name: KIWARM
Type: LED Candle
Feature: Flameless
Product: Candle Lamp
Shape: Stick
Model Number: Candle Light
Use: Home Decoration
Handmade: No
Material: Plastic