3L Water Bag, Molle Military Tactical Hydration Backpack, Outdoor Camping Camelback, Nylon Camel Water Bladder Bag For Cycling

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3L Water Bag Molle Military Tactical Hydration Backpack Outdoor Camping Camelback Nylon Camel Water Bladder Bag For Cycling 6 Colors

Item code:81013


Color: Black, Khaki,  Army Green, ACU Camouflage, Jungel Camoufla, Jungel Digital, CP camouflage

Fuction: Waterproof and foldable design, easy to carry

Material: Oxford fabric, nylon, high intensity and durable. 

Use for: Cycling, Camping, hiking, sports, climbing, camouflage

​Item size:   17cm*4cm*44.5cm / 6.69inch * 1.57inch * 17.51inch    

​The tactical water backpack includes a 2.5-3L water bag inside.


Design concept


It is made of Oxford and nylon fabric,high strength, durable and wear resistant.

Breathable cotton pad of the back, comfortable to carry.

Adjustable shoulder straps and chest belts, side compression straps.

Design for cycling, camping, hiking, sports, climbing, camouflage etc.

Big water capacity, hold more water to meet your needs outdoors.

With Drinking hose, you can drink water even when you carry it, very simple and convenient.

Size: 17cm*4cm*44.5cm / 6.69inch * 1.57inch * 17.51inch
Temperature Range: -20 to 99 celsius degrees
Material: TPU
Capacity: 3L
Brand Name: STOUREG
Weight: 0.420KG
6 Colors: Black, Khaki, Army Green, ACU Camouflage, Jungel Camoufla, Jungel D
Bag type: 3L Water Bag
Feature: Foldable design and easy to carry
Item code: 81013