30Pcs / Lot Baby Breast Milk Storage Bag Liquid 250ml Safe Food Storage Bags One-time Use Breast Milk Freezer Bags

  • 229,00 kr

Product Features:

Dual-track design, easy to record, stand-up design, easy to store, BPA free.

How to use:

1. Tear off along the bag tear line after washing your hands
2. Tear the sealing zipper (avoid the fingers to touch the inner wall of the storage bag, do not blow inward)
3. Fix the sealing with your hands, carefully pour into the breast milk, put the bottom in the flat place, so as not to spill
4. Push the remaining part out the air from the bottom to up after pouring
5. Press it to seal (can be repeated several times to ensure that it is fasten off or sealed)
6. Write the date and time down, it can be saved


1. When heating breast milk, do not use boiled or microwave to heat.
2. The best temperature of waterproof heating is 50-60 degrees, the breast milk will be separated after heating (due to breast milk has not been homogenization, so it is a normal phenomenon).
3. When storing in a refrigerator, please store it in an upright position.
4. Thaw  breast milk frozened out before heating, and can not be frozened twice.
5. This product is a disposable item, do not reuse it.
6. This product is sterilized by the Y radiation, it may be a little smell, but not affect the use.

Product Parameters:

1. Material: PE
2. Available colors: Color as shown in Figure
3. Capacity: 250ML
4. Suitable period: lactation
5. Product Description: Disposable

Packing List:

30PCS * Milk Storage Bags