2018 New Design 5 Pairs Anti-Slip High Heel Shoes Sole Grip Protector Non-Slip Cushion Pads Gifts

  • 149,00 kr

Really convenient anti-slip pads, no longer need to worry about the slip of your high heel shoes if your have these little utility rubber pads. It could be also used to any other  slip shoes, such as men's or women's flattie.

Material: Rubber
Length: 9cm/3.54"(Approx.)
Width: 6.5cm/2.55"(Approx.)
Thickness: 1-1.5cm/0.39"-0.59"(Approx.)

* Ideal for ladies shoes, high heels, boots and sandals and  gents shoes.
* Made from hard wearing and durable material giving extra  grip on slippy and icy  surfaces.
* Easy to use, just peel off and place the adhesive pad on the  sole and press firmly.  Leave it for a few hours to dry before  first use.
* If applying to old shoes please clean the area of the shoe  thoroughly with a damp cloth and leave to dry completely, before  fixing the anti slip sole protector.

Package Includes:
5 Pairs Anti-Slip Shoe Shoe Pads

Item Type: Shoe Cushion
Brand Name: SANWOOD
Model Number: 10463
Material: Rubber