1 Pcs Black Cat Candle Pet candle Handmade candle Craft Scary skeleton Candle with skeleton Christmas New Year Decoration Gift

  • 899,00 kr

It’s a little cat and looks quite cute that would let you love it so much. And the shape of her is so wonderful can guess it not as simple as looking.

As I light it, within half an hour you can find out there’s a little different. A shiny metal material is appear. With the time passing by, finally you can see this cat’s really face.

A cold metal skeleton showing out after few hours burning. at last , it left only the skeleton. For this moment, I feel that it likes a really cat , his life is changing with the fire and the melting wax.

Every changes is so wonderful. 

Every candle is unique
Burning time: 20 hours
The "skeleton" is made of metal
Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 7 cm
We recommend placing the cat candle on a plate

Shape: Animal
Model Number: YC0004356
Brand Name: PYROPETS
Type: Art Candle
Handmade: Yes
Product: General Candle
Use: Home Decoration
Material: Paraffin Wax